Boat to Nowhere


It was only fitting after seeing a wharf with no pier to find this boat so close-by. Perhaps it was waiting there just until the pier was rebuilt, lol! :)

Land Boat at Port Edward!

These old structures always leave me in awe. The things theses things have seen, the stories they could tell.

Instead it now sits, decaying. It’s time of glory over. As to its future… “mum, how much longer?”

Wharf without a Pier


The serenity of this scene at Port Edward is still with me even weeks later. Although in a state of dilapidation and disrepair this structure remains standing!

It’s only now when I look at this photo that I notice that the pier has long since disappeared that once lead to this wharf structure. Too funny!

Port Edward, Prince Rupert.

Looking at the gutters falling off, the side-rails falling down, one can’t help but wonder as to the rest of the structure and… “mum, how much longer?”

Heading up the Highway!


The wonderful thing about heading up the highway here is that one feels they are driving off into a postcard. Even when it’s just 200km away to Prince Rupert, it’s such a beautiful adventure.

Old Bridge on the way to Prince Rupert!

For our anniversary last month we treated ourselves to a night in Prince Rupert. Some might not see this as much of a treat but for us it gave us a night away somewhere different.

Plus it allowed us some magnificent photo opportunities both on the drive up and back, as well as whilst we were there.

We ate, we fished, we shopped – all-in-all a wonderful 24 hours. The best part though, it was only when it came to “comfort” stops did we hear… “mum, so much longer?”




Blue mood…


For the longest time Miss Eleven has wanted to experiment with white flowers and food-dye. The end-result speaks for itself!

Blue Blue Daisy by Moo!

The blue-color of the daisy now is so pretty. What was incredible was that the white daisy began turning blue within a matter of two hours!

The blue is also rather reflective of our house today with Master Thirteen still recovering from his worst bout of tonsillitis to-date and my summer cold having grown into the flu, blah. :(

On the bright side though the clouds are still here and I have a HUGE batch of fresh Minestrone Soup simmering on the stove, dee-lish (recipe coming). As to when we’ll all be healthy once again… “mum, how much longer?”

The Color of Rain!


Yes, the rain clouds have finally descended upon us, showering all that is below with much-needed moisture. The earth has now cooled, the plants are slowly regaining strength – it’s glorious! :)

The colors of rain

It’s almost like a new beginning with the smell of dust and bush-fire no longer lingering in the air but alas, everything comes at a price.

Yesterday morning was spent up at the hospital with Master Thirteen. My darling boy is sick. Thankfully nothing life threatening but day surgery will be required when he’s stronger. The question is… “mum, how much longer?”

Hmmm, it wasn’t THAT hot!


Looking at Mount Elizabeth last night, after the haze of the morning had lifted, it was obvious as hot as it has become each day this week, there is still snow up on that there mountain, lol!

Liz at Twilight - simply stunning!

And although the clouds began rolling in quite early with the breeze yesterday, giving us the most beautiful display on twilight, we woke up today to not a one to be seen ANYWHERE. Huh?

Hello? Have the clouds NOT seen the weather forecasts. They are there still clouds on my forecast for today with RAIN to follow for the next week and LONGER!

Seriously, enough with the suspense… “mum, how much longer?”

Rising Sun!


The sun rose again to another cloudless sky, haze this morning even thicker making the sun-rise more than glorious!

Bright, beautiful morning!

There are clouds showing on tomorrow’s forecasts. Oh how I hope they bring even a little precipitation to wash the dust off the leaves and to give hope to the ailing grass.

As for a decent soaking for the plants…  “mum, how much longer?”

Hazy High Temperatures!


With one-third of the province on extreme-fire alert as a result of the high temperatures we’re currently experiencing, its little wonder when I looked out my kitchen window first thing this morning the world was covered in a hot haze. :(

Hazy High Temps - not MY idea of a good time :(

Looking at Mount Elizabeth it’s as if nearly ALL the snow has now evaporated, leaving nothing but scorched earth. All shall be revealed this evening once the haze has lifted – snow or no snow, lol!

The thermometer read 39CEL on our back deck at 8.30 this morning. The plants have shriveled, the grass is crunching underfoot, and water restrictions are beginning to be enforced… “mum, how much longer?”

What’s bugging this Water Lily?


When I took this photograph of a Water Lily bud on the Miami Everglades back in 2012, I’m not certain that I realized what I’d captured as we zipped around on airboats.

Water Lilly Bugs!

Something was obviously drawing these bugs to the buds just as the Water Lily flower was about to burst into the world. Mother Nature certainly keeps life interesting doesn’t she?!

We’re out and about today a lot in the car so I’m hoping it won’t be TOO hot. Two extremes not conducive for good driving – hot weather and torrential downpours!

With such an early start I have full confidence come lunchtime it shan’t be the children screeching… “mum, how much longer?”