Mural on a Grand Scale


Quite by accident we chanced upon this mural in the lower part of the Old Quebec City. It was absolutely magnificent!

Mural on a GRAND scale!

I love how the contradiction of characters all work together, be they from this era or from the 1700’s, it all works brilliantly. It’s incredible how the tourists almost appear to be as one with the mural.

Oh to be so clever to create something on such a large-scale, one can only dream… “mum, how much longer?”

Beatrix Potter eat your heart out


The Old City of Quebec is by far one of my favorite cities to explore and is where we spent the majority of our visit.

What we found most interesting were how restaurants each attempted to make their establishment more enticing than the next. This one in particular stood out to us!

Beatrice Potter eat your heart out

Instantly it reminded me of the mischievousness Peter Rabbit and his brothers attempting to sneak into Mr McGregor’s garden. Or maybe that’s just my years of Speech and Drama coming out, lol!

With the obvious rabbit being the predominant ingredient in most of the dishes on the menu, half my family “declined gracefully” to have lunch there. Who am I kidding, the children shrieked with disgust at the prospect of eating rabbit!

Not to worry, we discovered another quaint old restaurant closer to our hotel, enjoying the most magnificent late lunch. The building was so old even I felt the need to duck when walking through its doorways.

Oh to have a meal like that again… “mum, how much longer?”

Sunrise over Manitoba


Actually, it was sunrise over Winnipeg but somehow that just didn’t have the same nice ring to it!

Manitoba Sunrise

This has to be one of the most stunning sunrises I’ve seen for the longest time.

With winter hanging around and the possibility of snow always looming on the horizon, as to when I’ll next see a sunrise like this… “mum, how much longer?”

The Inukshuk

This Inukshuk was located on the shores of Hudson Bay outside Churchill, Manitoba.


Over time many meanings of this Inukshuk, a stone cairn created by the Inuit, have come about. Some say it was created in the form of man to respect the passing of ancestors; whilst others say they are used as pointers with the arms showing the direction in which previous travelers have ventured.

In more recent times it was used as the symbol of the Vancouver Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games of 2010. Whatever the meaning there’s no denying this Inukshuk creates a striking image.

As to stumbling across an Inukshuk which is an “original“, goodness… “mum, how much longer?”

Dog Sledding the Arctic Tundra


One evening whilst in Churchill we went Dog Sledding. Some chose to sit this out but we were front and center. Especially when we heard there hadn’t been enough snow to use the snow sleds hence we’d be sitting in carts with wheels!

Having experienced a VERY long dog sled ride in Lapland we already knew just how “rough” those sleds could be so were overjoyed at the prospect of wheels. No, it may not have been visually pleasing but gosh it was comfortable, lol!

The only disappointment of the night was that our ride distance was halved due to a Polar Bear hanging around the sled runs. Additional look-out were posted on the runs for our safety and like all the tour guides of Churchill, each of the mushers carried a rifle.

No matter, we still had a fabulous night and as for the sled ride itself, we could have gone all night. Unlike Lapland were even I had to agree with Miss Five at the time… “mum, how much longer?”

There’s a Bear up There!


A Polar Bear of course!

That's a bear up there!

Churchill, Manitoba is on the migration path of the mighty Polar Bear so it’s not uncommon to see them walking the streets. Even during our brief time there, a Polar Bear had wandered into town one morning sending our group into a flutter.

Polar Bears are trapped in town then taken to the Polar Bear Holding Facility, a re-purposed aircraft storage hanger able to house up to 28 bears at once. At most the bears stay no longer than 30 days before being airlifted outside of Churchill.

The bears are tranquilized inside the holding facility before being taken out to the helicopter for transportation to a remote area outside of Churchill.

Kudos to those in charge of relocating these bears as I don’t care how many tranquilizers these bears are given, all the while I’d be thinking… “mum, how much longer?”

Seeing Nose to Nose on what Matters


Sometimes during our time out on the Arctic Tundra I’d have to pinch myself to remind me this was not a dream.

It was real life and there really were Polar Bears just meters away loving each other just as we loved each other like a family.

Family Portrait in Churchill

It was moments like this that had me wiping away a quiet tear, reminding me yet again how lucky I am to not only have this opportunity to witness such once-in-a-lifetime moments, but to be seeing it with my family.

I am truly blessed and gives thanks each and everyday for the life we live as the only certainly is the uncertainly of… “mum, how much longer?”