On the Cusp of Tomorrow


My roses from last month are well and truly past their use by date but still I find beauty within them.

White Rose

Each day I wonder about throwing them out but as I have nothing to replace them with find no desire to do.

Then again, Valentine’s Day is coming up isn’t it? Hmmm… “mum, how much longer?”

Blizzards in Prince Edward Island


Having heard the weather warnings for America’s east-coast on Monday morning, it was no surprise by day’s end the east-coast of Canada was also being included.

Blizzards hit Prince Edward Island Tuesday and are expected to hit again Saturday just as the clean-up from the first blizzard is completed.

It’s so hard to imagine what this tiny province is going through right now as I look back at our photo from last October of Northumberland Strait, the expanse of water between Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.

Northumberland Strait

Oddly, we were expecting the current weather conditions then, not the beautiful clear skies that were bestowed upon for the 24 hours we visited the island.

Not that I wish blizzards upon us here but one or two TRILLION snowflakes wouldn’t go astray. Please… “mum, how much longer?”

Express Yourself (WPC)


Being the lady I am I won’t repeat what I said when I initially read this week’s prompt, Express Yourself, from the Daily Post, lol. :) However, as time went on I calmed down and before I knew it, had many images come to mind.

Finally I selected this, as the motivation behind this graffiti still baffles me as to
a) how, and b) why this person chose to express themselves here.

Graffiti in the Middle of NO WHERE!!! Why???

You see, here, is on a small rock face on an island’s edge outside Ketchikan, Alaska. Although the rock-face provides a natural canvas for this graffiti, there’s no easy path to it as it’s on the side of cliff, albeit not a very large cliff, but still not somewhere you just “happen” upon.

Yes, some graffiti is quite good and yes, in the right places is quite effective but here in what seems the middle of nowhere, and the middle of mother nature’s true beauty, it appears quite sad really.

It certainly wasn’t “fresh“, appearing to be quite faded, but as to completely disappearing, well… “mum, how much longer?”

Happy Australia Day!


It’s hard to imagine it’s Australia Day as I look out the window and even at this hour, it’s still dark here due to the dense rain clouds that appear to have taken up residency in our valley.

Happy Australia Day!

Memories of waking up to sunrises such as this seem almost surreal. Looking out over the Pacific Ocean from my bedroom balcony, watching the sun slowing rise, a thing of the past.

It’s so hard to imagine now as I hear the radio’s severe weather warnings for New York and Boston. They’re expecting a major snow storm along with high winds, possibly the worst storm they’ve ever experienced.

Our thoughts and prayers are for the safety of those living there. May they come through this relatively unscathed.

And here we sit on the west coast, waiting for even A snowflake, something confirming it’s actually winter…  “mum, how much longer?”

That VERY moment!


As I walked into the kitchen to prepare the children’s breakfast before school, I couldn’t help but notice how the petals on one of the tulips were unfolding, giving it an almost orchid appearance.

Tulip Turning

Before I had a chance to “capture the moment” though one of the petals had dropped, leaving me with the flower above. Still nice but not quite as orchid looking as it had been a little earlier.

As I was took my photos, touching the vase only when utterly necessary, all I could do was stare at the remaining petals and ask myself… “mum, how much longer?”

Enjoy the Journey


There’s a vase on our buffet that holds a collection of things found as we’ve walked along the nearby beach.

It has a little bit of everything in it – driftwood, seaweed, rocks, shells and even a piece of rebar as you can see!

Everything Vase

The peacock feather and sign were obviously from elsewhere but have managed to find themselves a home amongst this collection, slotting in quite nicely.

Once in a while though one of the children will remind me that these things weren’t meant to be staying in there for permanently, so… “mum, how much longer?”