Nice Buns!


Not something one really wants to hear being said to their ten-year old daughter but on this occasion it was more than acceptable. Why?

An Easter Sunday tradition at our house is freshly made Hot Cross Buns and this Easter Miss Ten was front and center in the kitchen to help with the baking so that we could enjoy this… a wonderfully hot, Hot Cross Bun with smeared with butter, yum!

A Fresh Hot Cross Bun - deelish

We LOVE freshly made hot cross buns, having made them a tradition now for each holiday but it’s only for Easter that the crosses are piped onto them!

Easter Crosses

As the last bun of the batch is consumed, the entire family is asking… “mum dad, how much longer?”

Easter Hummers!


What greater gift could nature have given me for Easter other than the return of my Hummingbirds!

Thursday morning poor Master Twelve, as he was nursing his sore throat, was attempting to croak to me that he’d seen a Hummingbird. I believed him although didn’t see any myself that day but did take the opportunity to clean and refill the feeder just in case of this!

Welcome home little Hummingbird!

However… come Friday that distinctive sound was in the air once more, announcing the arrival of more than one little Hummingbird, yea!!!

Then Saturday morning, lying in bed, listening to the sound of rain falling intermingled with the sound of Hummingbirds flitting here and there was just delightful. No guessing where I can be found these days, lol! :)

Hummingbird Tongue - how cute!

I ask you, how cute is that little tongue? By the end of the week-end we had three or four little Hummingbirds fighting over the feeder, just NOT when I had the camera in my hand of course.

Last night Master Twelve was attempting to talk to Hubby and I but we were both staring out the window, totally absorbed with the Hummingbirds. Eventually Master Twelve twigged he didn’t have our full attention, prompting this muttering… “Hummingbirds? How much longer?

Let the Hunt Begin!

Late last week I was “informed” we needed to change things up when it came to the Easter Baskets. This was fine by me as I was much of the same thinking but turns out what I heard and what I was told were two VERY different things, lol! :)

What I should have been told was that instead of a basket beside the bed, the contents would be left here and there around the house, with each clue leading to the next treat. The first treat beside the bed would be a small one then with each clue the treats would gradually become larger.

Instead what happened was I made up five little bunnies for each child. These I filled with jelly beans, M&M’s and a cryptic clue.

Easter clues for the Easter Baskets!

This was the first clue for Miss Ten…

Easter Clues for the Easter Baskets!It was fun watching and listening to how the children interpreted my clues. Initially all they wanted was a note saying EXACTLY where to look but they soon came ’round, changing their way of thinking in order to find the next clue.

What was funny though was how they’d guess the hiding place for their sibling’s next clue before they guessed their own!

The Easter Hunt was deemed a great success with the challenge now set for me to do it all again next year. Now I simply have to consider another ten clues for next Easter, eeh gads… “mum, how much longer?”

Proscuitto Wrapped Asparagus!


This recipe appeared in my in-box the same day as I just “happened” to include fresh asparagus and prosciutto in my shopping cart. Talk about a match made in heaven – I was MORE than prepared for this and couldn’t wait to make it! :)

Thank you so VERY much Cottage Grove House! There was only one thing I was disappointed with after making this… I hadn’t made MORE… much much MORE, gosh it was good!

Prosciutto wrapped Asparagus

  • Servings: 2
  • Time: 20 minutes
  • Difficulty: absolutely NO trouble at all!
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Proscuitto Wrapped Asparagus - go on, you know you want some!

10 fresh asparagus stalks
5 slices of thinly sliced prosciutto
Grape-seed Oil
Pepper, Chili Flakes to taste
4 poached eggs
Hollandaise Sauce


Heat oven to 450F. Line a baking pan with foil.

Place a saucepan of water onto stove and bring to boil for poached eggs.

Slice prosciutto in half on an angle.

Snap woody ends off fresh asparagus then wrap a piece of prosciutto down each stalk.

Place asparagus onto baking pan, drizzling with grape-seed oil ensuring the asparagus has been lightly covered – DO NOT DRENCH!

Bake for 15 minutes or until prosciutto and asparagus tips are lovely and golden.

Poach eggs according to your own preference but preferably with the yolk ready to ooze all over your asparagus.

Arrange the asparagus on two plates, add two eggs to each serving then a spoon or two of Hollandaise Sauce.

Add a little freshly ground pepper and/or chili flakes if your taste-buds are so inclined!


On this occasion I’m almost embarrassed to say we had packet Hollandaise Sauce which I tweaked with lemon juice to add a little tartness. I say almost because you do what you want to do and are happy to do.

Hubby being a professional chef by trade is mortified with such things but when you simply want to enjoy a quick yet glorious meal, sometimes near-enough is more than good enough!

Regardless, the asparagus was just wonderful with the baked prosciutto but do keep in mind that when baked, the prosciutto takes on a life of its own with salt so don’t be like me and add more, it’s so not necessary.

So, that was last Sunday morning but as for tomorrow’s breakfast I want more… “mum, how much longer?”

The tables were turned!


Friday night the tables were literally turned on Hubby and I when Miss Ten took control of the kitchen. Not only did she make dinner for us but the night before she presented us with these menus so we could choose what we wanted (and I could subsequently do the necessary shopping the following morning, lol!).

How good is this?

Ms Menu

FYI: Yes, prices were included on the menu but she gave us Monopoly money to use on the night. Naturally Hubby gave her our tip in REAL dollars which left her beaming! :)

Congratulations to our budding Chef!

Both Hubby and I had the Spiced Pork and Mystery Mousse – both which were FANTASTIC! The pork tenderloin was rubbed with a blend of spices which were just so tasty – Cuban according the recipe. I’ll be making this one myself for certain – stay tuned for the recipe!

This was followed by a dessert of chocolate ice-cream that contained a hidden chocolate cake, topped with whipped cream and grated chocolate, DEE-lish!!! Miss Ten sourced all the recipes herself from the Internet with the exception of this dessert which she created herself. Pretty cool huh?!

Sitting back and having dinner served to us was the best part. Honestly, it could have been PBJ’s that were served but to have the table set, the candles lit, and told not to come into the kitchen whilst she prepared everything herself, THAT my friends was a gift in itself.

Master Twelve also shared the table with us and was obviously silently impressed as he declared as he left the table that he was going to do dinner next. All we can say is… “mum Master Twelve, how much longer?”

The Color Beauty of Mornings!


For the briefest moment Monday morning I was treated to this most glorious sight out my kitchen window.

Monday Morning Colors!

The colors filling the sky were of the most beautiful hues.

Monday Morning

What was astounding was that it was different in every direction – how could that be?

Monday Morning Color Glory!

Such a contrast to the dismal grey skies that have been greeting since. Whatever the reasons, the natural beauty of the sky on Monday was breath-taking, such a magical way to begin the day… “mum, how much longer?”

Fresh flowers, fresh cakes!


What better way to help support those who are fighting cancer, and remembering those who fought a mighty mighty battle, then to buy either a daffodil stick pin or a bunch of daffodils! :)

Daffodil Month - show your support!

To my Darling Dad, if only dreams could come true – you wanted to live forever – and we would have loved nothing more than to have you with us longer but cancer had other plans for you. We love you and miss you everyday.

It’s three years to the day that we said our last good-byes, the last time I would see you standing as the man you always were. The airport shuttle taking us away from you, to our new life on the other side of the world, not knowing if we would ever see each other again.

Never did we imagine to be flying back to you in just two short months for one last good-bye but by this time cancer had already stolen the man who was my father, my children’s Dee Dee. A mere shell was all that was left for us to say good-bye to; the cancer robbing you of your speech and controlled movement but at least we said good-bye.

The pain of your departure is fresher today then it was back then. They say time lessens the pain but… “mum, how much longer?”

What a glorious week-end!!!


It was as if Summer had arrived Friday afternoon, staying with us right through until the sun dipped behind the mountains last night, leaving us with an almost full-moon sitting just there!

Full Moon- just beautiful!

Sorry for the OTT overlay but with JUST the blue sky as background it was just begging for something extra, lol! :)

But WHAT a week-end – the boys went fishing, we had a bar-be-que, many a mojito enjoyed, the trampoline is up, “discussions” about bikes being left out have already been had, bird-offerings have been given (thanks Poppy :( ), street tag played, walks to the shops had, more fishing equipment both created and bought, and plans for current and future outdoor furnishings have been made.

Now as I sit, almost shivering at the computer since the back-door is open for the cats, the week-end weather is like a dream that has been doused with grey clouds and cool air. Already the question regarding the return of these summer-like days is being asked… “mum, how much longer?”